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COVID-19 Policy

Cello courses COVID-19 policy at our workshops & courses

I am a member of the ISM and receive twice-weekly updates on COVID-19 developments. I also take heed of what the MU says as musicians have specific requirements to play and work.

Both the courses and workshops at are tailor-­made and small numbers. This is deliberate, as I want you to feel comfy and to feel there is space for you to ask questions and that everyone has attention to grow as a cellist and musician.

Our two halls are spacious, aired and impeccably looked after.

As usual, there is one music stand per player and we sit, spaced out in a large horseshoe. The maximum number of players I will book is 15, and usually, our numbers are between 8 and 12. Even the maximum numbers have plenty of space.

I will be placing chairs at a safe distance as prescribed by the ISM rules and by the hall management. I will also make sure that all the door handles will be repeatedly wiped down with antiseptic.

Cups and plates will, as usual, be carefully washed and music stands are wiped down before and after use.