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Through Coloured Glass Course

For advanced and professional cellists
Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines that distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation.
Jean Arp

An intensive weeks work and development of remarkable music to be performed to an invited audience

Stillness is vital to our well-being – to our ability to reflect. Many people look to music to find solace and to use it as a focus or channel for their personal trials and tribulations. I have created a meditation that is a musical & spiritual journey that takes you from the troubles of the world, towards a still point, and then leads you forward, preparing you to go back to the hurly-burly, refreshed. In performance, the music is threaded together and is played continuously. It serves as a meditation for player and listener alike, making a performance more of an event, than a concert.

The music I have chosen was written by some of the greatest composers of the Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic eras. It is music from the heart, to the heart written by men grounded in their faith and craft. Sure, their art had a place in the life of their society, they wrote for their church, the buildings that housed it, for Princes, aristocrats, Kings and Queens. Both sacred and secular music work together side by side – they are the stuff of life. The Ayres of Dowland, the Chansons of Lassus, meld with Anthems, masses and motets.

I created this way back in 2007. This is the programme (with some additions) that String Theory Cello Ensemble performed. We played a Long Meditation for evening time and a Short Meditation for lunch-time concerts. We played in cabaret bars with a light show, colouring the musical drama. Our audience sat at candle-lit tables sipping wine. When we played in churches, some audience members lay down on the pews to listen. Like that ensemble, we will perform publicly, using lighting and other media to illuminate the event. We were signed to a Canadian agency who loved this theatrical mode of performance.

A reviewer said of one of our performances “It spoke the language of eternity”.

This adventurous course for 2021 is open to applications from advanced cellists who are Grade 7 minimum and professional players who would like to go off-grid. The music will be sent out two months in advance so it is well known before rehearsal and development begins.


Time: 10.00am–3.30pm Daily

Date: Monday 15th to Friday 19th August 2022

Venue: Malling Centre, Spences Lane, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2HQ (Free parking at the hall)

Fee: £600 – includes lovely lunches, coffees and snacks

Minimum age of 16 to infinity.

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