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A 'Performance' workshop

Introduction to the standard cello workshop

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We spend hours working at our instrumental and musicianship skills, but we don't spend as much time looking at what it means to perform. We may have had an experience that we haven't yet completely got over; we may feel we aren't "good enough" and get nervous. Lots of thoughts can be churning around inside our heads, blocking our natural ability to play as we know we can. Actors are quite clear that it takes a long time to feel you are getting into the art of performance. They have much to teach us.

Come to this cello workshop with a piece that is on your "to perform" list. It doesn't have to be perfect as this day is not about end-gaining, but about you accessing aspects of yourself that will get you closer to achieving those goals and desires.

It is normal for most of us to get wound up by performance anxiety. We can be confused: how is it I play naturally at home and in my lesson, then find I'm overwhelmed at an exam or on stage.

For a while now, the music Conservatoires have had departments devoted to the many areas of this enormous and powerful subject. Join us to look at the deeper issues of planning, preparation, anxiety, stress responses and communication skills that will help you settle during the day as you understand more and how to deal with it all.

We will have the pianist, Julian Broughton, with us from half way through the day so you will have performed three times by the end of the class working in the techniques.

This is the most emotional workshop of the year, but it is also a game-changer and the most recent has been described as being transformational and extraordinary!

There are 8 places available at each workshop and you will leave with notes.

Our pianist for the class is a fantastic soloist and accompanist. Julian Broughton - pianist Julian is also a composer and conductor so he is an ideal person to gain more insight from. He will be coaching with me when we have spent time shining a light on the cello and can combine the two. This means you will have more sense of the chamber aspect of your playing.

Why not join us for this wonderful opportunity? The train station is close - a quick taxi ride or a 10 minute walk. If driving, you can park literally outside the hall. Anyone wanting to come in at the end to hear you perform, is welcome.


This is a one day workshop, run in Lewes.

The course has been run once or twice most years since 2005, and has been a great success each time.

Teachers: come and observe - free! Please let me know if you are coming!

Gift vouchers

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Where, When, Cost

NEWS There will be ONE performance class in 2019, in September.

This is new for 2019! There are central pieces of music to our repertoire that we all want to study, play and perform. All these are on the exam syllabus so this day can add to your development.

Join me for an all day cello lesson on

- Sonata V by Vivaldi - any 2 movements

- Brahms Sonata in E minor op 38 - any 1 movement

- The Swan by Saint Saens.

You will already know your piece well. You may want to bring two on the list. The structure of the day means that even if you are not playing a piece, you will still be involved and learning about it.

When? Sat 28th Sept 2019 - NEW Date

Where? St Thomas's church hall, Cliffe High Street, Lewes BN7 2AH

From? 10am-4pm

Cost? 120 per person. Please bring your own lunch. Coffees etc provided.. Fees are payable by cheque, or for overseas students, by bankers order.

Parking? You can park free at the hall & we are in central Lewes, about 10 minutes from the station.

Application form

Download here. Closing date is one week before the workshop.

If you are looking at this after the closing date, don't worry. Send in your form as soon as possible and contact me by phone or email with details of your piece.

Cancellation Policy for workshops

If booking a 1-day workshop included in the fee is 30 deposit. If you cancel the workshop, for what ever reason, up to six weeks before the course begins, I will reimburse the fee minus the deposit. If you cancel during the six weeks leading up to the course or on the course itself the fee is payable in full.

Privacy Policy

I hold your email address and sometimes, your mobile numbers. I do not give these out to anyone including third parties. Sometimes, a cellist will ask ME to forward an email from them, to members of a group they have played with. You can then choose whether to make contact or not.

Bring [required]

  • A black hole or other floor protector
  • Warm clothing/layers
  • Your music! [& cello]
  • Your own lunch [drinks and snacks will be provided]
  • You will leave with notes but you may also want to bring a notebook and pen

Your music

Please make sure that you let me know what you intend to perform on your application form. Any rare pieces require a copy to be sent in advance for the pianist.

Other notes

Parents please note that during the lunch-break the under 16s will be supervised on the premises.

The Performance begins at 4pm. Friends and family are most welcome

All enquiries to Catherine at the address below - emails welcome.

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