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Luthiers and cello supplies

Robin Aitchison is a specialist maker, dealer and restorer based in Ely, Cambs. Have a look and order yourself one of their superb Cello Care Guides for everything you need to know about your cello and its care.

You can also download the guide as a free 4MB PDF - a wonderful service to the cello world!

This is the website of the wonderful English violin maker Colin Irving. My cello was made by Colin in 1985. His instruments combine power and range of colour.

This is the home of Clarence Boudreau in Canada. This site will be of interest to those of you wanting to know more about repair and care of stringed instruments.

This site is invaluable to teachers and students and aims to develop learning through listening. Have a look!

Andrew is a friend of mine and what there is to know about bows is inside his head. Look at his site to find out more about how to look after your bow. It's enlightening!

Allyxa Ruby supplies carbon fibre bows [Arcus], specialist strings and other things for string players

Dolceforte are string experts in Holland who sell strings at very competitive prices. They also are available to talk things through if you have a question.

California based, Linda West doing a really good job selling good cellos that are well set up and affordable and clearly loves what she does

Sue Hadley is a london based cellist and also runs 'Cello Love Courses'

Cello related organisations

The website for cellists. Full of articles and excellent in-depth interviews.

Home of the Birmingham Cello Group.

For cellists everywhere whether performers, teachers, enthusiasts, friends and students of the cello.

Home of The Alexander Music School in Spain who run a variety of courses.

map of music teachers from round the world.

On-line forums

A good place to chat and find quick answers to cello questions.

Related to this site

Liz Hankins is the artist who created the logos for this website.

Teaching the cello & violin to pre-schoolers [early years]

Kay Tucker the brains behind Cellobabies, has developed this really important work further and now tiny violinists & violists have a unique method to help them develop as musicians and instrumentalists from an early age. This site to see more about Kay's work and her publications. There is also a directory of cello, viola and violin teachers using her method.

This is a new site and has a lot of information about courses, games, the lives of great cellists and much more.

Music Suppliers

Chappell of Bond Street. Chappells are brilliant and they get things in the post to you quickly so this would help people desperate to get music in a hurry


This the website for my cello ensemble

This is the site of Bridget Mermikides, a very talented and versatile guitarist who is also a phenomenal teacher.

This is the site of a fabulous cellist based in Brighton who may appeal to those of you interested in experimenting with the cello.

Health & wellbeing

Sports massage therapist training and directory.

Alexander Technique information and directory.

Pilates main site for the U.K

Yoga site.

Ashtanga Yoga site.

An american site - this has some really useful articles on it about musicians' health, in particular by the cellist Janet Horvarth

Clinics in Sussex

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