4 courses and workshops for cellists and other instrumentalists

Introduction to the cello workshops

Cellists [and other instrumentalists] rarely find a place to examine and develop their skills without being on show or under assessment. These professionally run courses offer a friendly & non-judgemental place to grow, develop and overcome some of the obstacles you may have come across.

People are coming back to these workshops time and time again - just for the sheer fun of taking part!

'Getting the bigger picture' - performance

performance icon One day workshop in Lewes - discover and develop more of your presentation and performance skills as a instrumentalist [violin family instruments and piano].

Learn how to overcome fears in a non-stressful environment, and leave with a new sense of enjoyment.

'Thinking Aloud' - cello practice

practice iconOne day workshop in Lewes to rethink and refresh your cello skills.

Learn some simple and quick ways to prepare yourself mentally and physically so you make the most of your practice time.

'Unsung Heros' - cello ensemble

ensemble iconExperience playing together on a five day summer course, a three day Easter course, an extreme weekend or several one day workshops - mainly in Lewes, with some workshops in Cambridge.

Wonderful Renaissance and Baroque music for a wide range of abilities.

Don't miss this rarest of opportunities to get right away from your usual distractions and unwind, learn, play and enjoy life.

Gift vouchers

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